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Review: Tohkai Japanese restaurant (The Mall, Korat, Thailand)

My girlfriend and I’ll gladly admit that we love Japanese food, especially sushi/sashimi. When we are in Thailand we head to a Fuji franchise about twice a month. No matter the location, quality is always top notch, service swift and freshness guaranteed by the rate of turnover: every single branch seems to be booming. Last week, we decided to check out the competition. Maybe we could find an even better restaurant?

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Review: Manatsanan massage (Phimai)

Phimai remains a village that choses to divulge its secrets at a slow pace. From the secret hipster bar, past the hidden big-box retailer, to the hard-to-find gym, the town has much more to offer than one would assume at first glance. My latest discovery is Manatsana Massage. Like most of the hidden treasures, it is located slightly out-of-the-way and no website or Facebook presence is available. To make Manatsanan Massage easier to find, I have included a map at the bottom of this post. Here is my review.

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