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Fake news

#fakenews not slowing down

Is it just my perception or is the fake news phenomenon not slowing down at all? When Facebook announced that it would weed out false reporting I was hopeful it would come to an end. Instead, the frequency of misleading sponsored posts on my timeline has increased and the phenomenon is getting deeper ingrained into our journalistic and even scientific culture. Let me tell you how.

Fake news

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Mobile wallets: skewed market research

Kind of a tech geek, my attention was drawn to this article in Business Insider today. Yes, I know, your wallet has been mobile all along. Mine too, but I was kind of hoping it was about hardware wallets. Turns out that mobile wallets are apps that store payment card information in your smartphone, allowing you to make in-store payments. Mastercard, heavily invested into the phenomenon with its Masterpass, did some market research about mobile wallets and came up with a conclusion that seems rather biassed. Mobile Wallets were mentioned In 75% (!) of 3.5 million social media conversations about new payment methods. Yet these apps are used in just 1% of retail sales. Their conclusion: mainstream breakthrough is hindered by too many available mobile wallet apps, lack of support for store loyalty cards and consumers waiting for wearable wallets. My two cents: with 75% awareness and 1% penetration, could it be that the public just isn’t interested? 🙂 My wallet contains all cards I need, is finished in premium leather and I do wear it … in my back pocket.


Most ridiculous #crossbranding éver

With the #lewisgetsinked campaign, Epson has embarked upon the most rediculous cross-branding attempt ever. I actually double-double-checked this to make sure it wasn’t a parody, even the behind-the-scenes video did not convince me. That voice-over, the link between a budget-friendly printer and Mercedes-Benz-AMG-Petronas, those poses by Hamilton.



Lower emission cows

This is the latest innovation we’ve come up with, to save the environment. Methane packs for cows. Yes, really.



BBC: straight white men are out

The BBC has set targets for its 2020 workforce. According to this article, these are as follows:

  • 50% women
  • 15% black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds
  • 8% disabled people
  • 8% lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons

I’m completely in favor of equal opportunities. But that doesn’t leave much room for straight Caucasian men without a disability, now does it? 🙂