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Meetings on an exercise bike

The seminar center I recently hosted a day of presentations in, was promoting the concept of meetings on stationary bikes. Call me crazy, but I do not see that catching on. I guess they are trying to put a new spin on their business *ba-dam-bum-kshhhhh*



Great Whey to start the day

My absolute favorite whey protein shake, taste-wise, is Protech‘s Whey Breakfast. Not actually marketed as such, it makes an excellent and delicious shake if you add two scoops to 500ml of skimmed milk. It is not suitable for late afternoon/evening consumption as it contains quite some carbs because of the oatmeal that is included. But excellent for those hurried mornings, when one quick drink gets you your energy and protein fix. It’s a real pity that Protech’s regular Whey shakes aren’t as delicious as this one.



When a story starts living a life of its own

When I took a stroll this morning, I didn’t just and up at my grandmother’s place for Easter, I also walked into the story of the Brussels protests. You see, my gran lives close to the train station in Vilvoorde. All roads into her neighborhood were blocked by a police patrol vehicle and a helicopter was surveying the area. By the time I left her building (about an hour or so later), all police vehicles were gone and I had learned that soccer supporters had met up at the station to head to Brussels city center to protest terrorism. When I got home about 15 minutes later, a Swedish video live feed showed a rather quiet memorial with some music and a slogan being yelled out, every now and than. The road of this story to a fork after that. De Wereld Morgen even kicked it up a notch.

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