The gluten-free hoax

Being bombarded with gluten-free certifications/recommendations/menus at the supermarket and in the media, I decided to research the advantages of a gluten ban in our menu. The findings of a study by the Journal of Pediatrics (not feet, infants!) if you continue reading.

Set of grunge rubber stamps with the text gluten free written inside, vector illustration

  • If you do not have celiac disease, wheat allergy or non-celiac gluten sensitivity, as diagnosed by a medical doctor, there is no benefit to a gluten-free diet
  • Eating Gluten-free packaged food often contains more fat and sugar, so contributes to obesity
  • A gluten-free diet may lead to vitamin B and iron deficiency
  • Eliminating gluten raises exposure to certain toxins
  • Those buying gluten-free food encounter significantly higher food costs
  • Maintaining a gluten-free diet may obscure the diagnosis of celiac disease

Basically, without a proper diagnosis, it is hazardous (and you’re being a bit of a hypochondriac).

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