Test case-Lotus: wine :-)

Keen to test the findings of my Thai wine buying research in real-life, we hit Tesco-Lotus yesterday. Finding a reasonably priced and widely available bottle of red wine remains the current objective. First step: locate a bottle with a blue tax label and an acceptable price. Priced below 300 baht, this Australian Camden Park was in the same price bracket as the Peter Vella and Montclair local fruit wines. Second criterium: scan the labels for any mention of … yup, there it was “Fruit Wine“. On to the next one. Will report back with a review on the wine we ended up buying.


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  1. Jonas Loos
  2. Steven Di Glitterati

    Moeilijk om goeie wijn te vinden aan aanvaardbare prijs in Thailand … maar ik kom dichter 🙂

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