Test Aankoop: questionable publicity?

Today, what seemed like a blog post about a cheap android smartphone popped up in my Facebook stream. As I am into technology and online deals, I was drawn to it. The name did not ring any bells, which was explained by the tag line underneath: sponsored (meaning this is a paid ad). What I found under the link was rather surprising.

stevendebruyne-facebookThinking that the author was motivated to promote his blog,  I clicked through. Written as a blog post informing people about an online find, the article quickly took a different turn. The intention clearly was to promote a subscription to Test Aankoop, a Belgian magazine that profiles itself as the protector and advocate of consumers.


All of the buttons on the page lead to Test Aankoop’s promotional pages, and the main URL (stevendebruyne.com) does not even lead to a page. Additionally (due to my limited Facebook skills?) I cannot find any of the commenting profiles on Facebook.


Is this worthy of the consumer’s advocate? Does this clash with some of the issues in the magazine? That is for you to judge.



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