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Favorite whey restocked

With my supply of whey products replenished, time has almost come to straighten up and fly right. My period of extensive traveling comes to a pauze halfway through February and I plan to hit the gym hard. If you are anything like me, having your favorite products around helps keep motivation up. I like to start my day either with a breakfast shake based on Protech’s Whey Breakfast, or with same oatmeal-and-skimmed-milk with a scoop of Protech‘s vanilla 3whey. Absolutely delicious and I hope the upcoming improved taste of Whey Breakfast won’t have too much of an impact. Throughout the day, I prefer Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard Whey in the double rich chocolate taste. All of them are top tips if you want both good products without a trade-off on flavor.


Great Whey to start the day

My absolute favorite whey protein shake, taste-wise, is Protech‘s Whey Breakfast. Not actually marketed as such, it makes an excellent and delicious shake if you add two scoops to 500ml of skimmed milk. It is not suitable for late afternoon/evening consumption as it contains quite some carbs because of the oatmeal that is included. But excellent for those hurried mornings, when one quick drink gets you your energy and protein fix. It’s a real pity that Protech’s regular Whey shakes aren’t as delicious as this one.



Buying whey protein in Thailand

Whey protein shakes were quite expensive en relatively hard to come by in Thailand, in the past. With Thailand experiencing an upcoming fitness craze, the time seems right to re-evaluate. Personally, I have not come across a sports supplement store that carries a wide range of quality mainstream products or stays around for a long time. Two weeks ago Pattaya Pro Nutrition was being cleared out, so I’ve given up on bricks-and-mortar shops. Buying in European or American online stores would take a long time, import taxes could be levied and your product might get tangled-up in red tape. Three local online stores seem to be very popular and ship across Thailand. Let’s compare them, based on one of the internationally best-selling shakes: Optimum Nutrition’s 5-pound Gold Standard Whey. As a reference: in Europe this product sells for € 49.90, in the US for $ 57.99.


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