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Taking care of business in Bangkok

On Friday, I hopped on the red-eye to Bangkok, as some of you have noticed on social media. A little while ago, I started writing about the process of getting married to my Thai fiancée in Belgium. After battling through the red tape at my local city hall and the Belgian Ministry of Foreign affairs, the very last part of the administrative journey takes place at the Belgian embassy in Bangkok. As we want to manage the process ourselves and in person, I decided to fly over. As a bonus, I’ll have more adventures and discoveries to tell you about. Updates coming soon. Sawasdee khrab.

Sunset at Ploenchit Skytrain station

How to get married to a Thai national in Belgium – Part 1

Getting married to a Thai national (or any foreign national, for that matter) in Belgium isn’t a straight-forward process. Official sources contradict each other in tiny (but crucial) details, different cities (or even contacts) interpret requirements differently and some government officials can’t be bothered to assist properly. My goal is to write our experiences down, to help others maneuver these murky waters. Part 1 will teach you how to successfully jump the first hurdle: the wedding registration at City Hall in Belgium.

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Thailand: buy a condo, get a Visa

Kingdom properties currently offers a 20 year Visa (well, 4x 5 year multiple entry) if you buy a condominium in Pattaya. Apparently this also includes the Thailand Elite membership with more benefits. Eventhough buying a not-yet-existing condo on a plan, remains a bad idea … it does show promise for the future. On a similar note: I am preparing a breakthourgh article about Visa requirements for Digital Nomads. Stay tuned! More info about the condo-visa scheme on Coconuts Bangkok, Property Guru and Pattaya Property.