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The definitive guide to avoiding food poisoning in Thailand

Thailand may be the country that has the most how to articles and guides written about it. A whole lot of these are food-hygiene related. Why have the audacity to title yet another one as the definitive one? Well, I will keep updating this one and will pay special attention to any comments you might post below. If you spot something missing, just tell me. I interlaced the article with pictures just to remind you how delicious Thai food is, in spite of these precautions.


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Bangkok squeezing out street food

When one thinks of Bangkok, street food often comes to mind. Delicious dishes for about 40 baht, usually just a few steps away … I consider it to be part of the charm of the Asian metropolis. Lately there seems to be a hunt for these street food vendors, who often have a license, pay taxes and run a legitimate business. Renowed Soi 38’s demise is scheduled, and the clamp-down seems to continue elsewhere. Let’s hope this stops, so Bangkok’s unique character is maintained.