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Gibberish Facebook Adverts

Maybe it’s just the remarkable advertising profile Facebook has given me, but adverts on my Facebook wall have been strange for a while. Endless Kickstarter wristwatch suggestions have just given way to middle-aged women with the intention to show their knickers. Written in fluent Gibberish, this particular one reads something like On the feelings of a woman alone, you will have experienced differently. Passion impulse, tremendous delight from here. Recipes, tips and all things kitchen for any level of chef. The links leads to either this blank website or this Facebook page with a picture of a smiling girl. Strange, isn’t it? Who pays for such useless publicity?


Drive-through Bus Station in Rangsit

Bangkok’s Rangsit bus station has just opened a drive-through ticket service. Don’t worry, I had to read it twice too. While I don’t see the point of driving up to the ticket booth, purchasing a ticket, getting out of the car and into the bus (especially when tickets can be bought online), it is still expected to drive revenue up by 5%. If it works, it works, I guess.


Remarkable Australian carpenter

A peculiar story surfaced in Australia today. The police pulled over a carpenter and found methamphetamine, ecstasy and Viagra in his car. In the police station, he claimed to be worth 12 billion Australian Dollar (about € 8,000,000,000), which he was forced to prove in court. The 29-year old logged into his bank account and showed a balance of € 400,000,000 and proof of € 1,000,000,000 in real estate holdings … both cash and property was acquired over the last 12 months. When asked how he had earned his fortune, he answered he was not at liberty to say. This even beats the story of the carpenter turning water into wine 🙂



Strange Thai news: Criminal masterminds mess up

Following the news in Thailand is a lot of fun, really. Not only is a lot of the coverage a lot less filtered (or is it?), for some reasons extremely peculiar stories surface. Take the recent case where a former Aussie Hell’s Angel was abducted and murdered, for instance. Not only does the 21 year old main perpetrator look like he bairly left his mother’s wing, his gang chose to transport the body of the 38 year old victim in a rented pick-up truck … that was fitted with a GPS tracking system. Can’t make stories like that up 🙂



Cover your house in straw

You just know that the guy who installed this straw cladding must have been quite skilled and efficient at his job. Why, you ask? I imagine the decision process must have gone something like this.
‘I know! Let’s cover the house in straw’
‘Now wait, that might not be such a … Ah, too late!’