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Gibberish Facebook Adverts

Maybe it’s just the remarkable advertising profile Facebook has given me, but adverts on my Facebook wall have been strange for a while. Endless Kickstarter wristwatch suggestions have just given way to middle-aged women with the intention to show their knickers. Written in fluent Gibberish, this particular one reads something like On the feelings of a woman alone, you will have experienced differently. Passion impulse, tremendous delight from here. Recipes, tips and all things kitchen for any level of chef. The links leads to either this blank website or this Facebook page with a picture of a smiling girl. Strange, isn’t it? Who pays for such useless publicity?


Thai social media faster than lightning

Everything social media related is just a little faster in Thailand, compared to Europe. When the Thai Military Bank (TMB) announced that it would cut interest rates for savings accounts to 0%, there was an outcry on social media. TMB immediately backtracked. To illustrate just how quickly this happened, please check the time-stamp below the articles on ThaiPBS. It’s either that, or the reporter didn’t have his sharpest day. 😉