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Hotel top tip: charging your devices

Our increasing use of smartphones, tablets and laptops while traveling implies a constant quest for a power outlet to charge them. Hotels, on the other hand, try to minimize their electricity bill by using a key card holder, so the electricity switches off when you’re not there. As a result, hotel guests are not able to charge batteries while out-and-about. There is a clever way around it, however. Refrigerators do not switch off, as it would make them useless. Just use that outlet for charging, while you’re not there. It may require some fidgeting or even a splitter, but I guarantee it works.




This device steals your passwords while you walk past

Ever heard of App Interception Systems? These devices steal you e-mail, social media  and cloud passwords and are supposedly used by government agencies.I stumbled across them researching an upcoming post about the rising danger of social media … yes, they are real. Switch off your wifi and Bluetooth while you’re not using them, is my first advice.