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Phone scam

Phone Scam Fun – Episode 03: I’m a big fat liar

Got another call from our friends over at the fake Microsoft office. Once again, my intention was to drag them along as I can, get them irritated and make them hang up themselves. I was a bit scattered and caught by surprise, but the result is still a good laugh. Always fun to hear the sincere contempt in their voice when they realize they’ve been had. Sadly, I did not get to speak to my mate Frankie from my most successful attempt yet. Next time, I will try a new approach.



Phone Scam Fun – Episode 2

With my first attempt at keeping phone scammers on the telephone as long as possible only moderately successful, I decided to take a different approach. This time I went for stupid but inquisitive. Here is my conversation with Franky and Jordan from Manchester (but also India). Sadly, they weren’t interested in helping my friend, the Prince from Kenia. Any suggestions for the next conversation? 🙂