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Life Hack: Quick Asian lunch top tip

In busy periods of time, I like to keep an assortment of frozen salapao and dim sum in the freezer. At lunch time, just pop a pot with water on the stove, make the water boil and put a steamer with these Asian treats on top. In about 10 minutes you’ve got a lovely meal if you add some lettuce and some sauce (I like Heinz’s Chili Sauce). The practical thing is that it is almost impossible to over-steam them … so it doesn’t matter if you are a bit late, taking them off. I prefer the salty varieties, but the sweet one’s make for a delicious desert. Available at any supermarket in Thailand or at Asian supermarkets, in the West.


Salapao, anyone?

Salapao, or steamed buns, are often sold by the side of the road and are offered in both salty and sweet variaties. It is a Chinese-Filipino treat that the Thai have made their own, and I was tempted to try by fellow blogger Manon, who visited us a little while ago. Thanks for the tip, I have a new favorite local snack. For visitors to Phimai: the nice lady and her cart (below) are right next to the Tesco Lotus, close to the clock tower. Today’s choice: charcoal and cream.


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