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Facebook and the turn-key tirrany

With Edward Snowden’s quote that with every concession to our online privacy we are moving towards a turn-key tirrany, I decided to dig through Facebook settings to find what kind of profile the social media behemoth is building of me. Turns out I am a bible-reading Yugoslavic communist member of the Masonic brotherhood with a Eugenist tendency and a preference for kinky lingerie. Slightly relieved that at least some of my privacy measures are throwing them off, it is worrysome that such data is being mined.



Beware of App myopia

These day, apps are all the rage … for some reason every online service needs it’s own app. Supposedly for your convenience, but really so all separate service providers can collect your personal data. This NY Times article/documentary now praises the strategy of the Chinese WeChat app, were all online services imaginable are being combined into one app. Disruptive, pioneering, innovative … well, not really. What is such an app called if you think outside the hyped frame-of-mind? An internet browser, isn’t it? The only difference … more online services forced back towards a single application, enable the provider to get hold of your behavior and profile. Not too fond of the business world turning to totalitarian regimes for inspiration, quite frankly.



BBC turns into Big Brother Company

In the UK, the BBC is planning on using Wifi detector vans to snoop on familiy Wifis, analyze their internet traffic and determine if they are watching online BBC content without paying a television subscription. Basically, we are coming into an age were techniques formerly used on enemies of the state, are used to monitor private internet behavior. If this isn’t a violation of privacy, I don’t know what is. Like I’ve said before: protecting yourself with a VPN will become a necessity. Edward Snowden was spot on: we are building a turn-key tyranny.



This device steals your passwords while you walk past

Ever heard of App Interception Systems? These devices steal you e-mail, social media  and cloud passwords and are supposedly used by government agencies.I stumbled across them researching an upcoming post about the rising danger of social media … yes, they are real. Switch off your wifi and Bluetooth while you’re not using them, is my first advice.




Take back the web: your browser

Under the Take Back the Web moniker, I plan to write short, practical and accessible posts about my experiences safeguarding and optimizing computers systems, protecting privacy and bringing spamming and ads to a halt (or at least trying to do so). These are partially for my own reference and partially to share my personal experience, hoping to help others. These are by no means definitive and 100% open to suggestion. Any remark is welcome as a comment at any point. The first installment of Take Back the Web takes a look at browsers in a Windows environment. How to avoid theft of personal information, protect online purchases, stop tracking, eliminate spam and ads.

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