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Kuman Thong

Mystical Thailand: Kuman Thong, or Ghost Babies

Beneath Thai Buddhist society, a strong undercurrent of superstition and black magic exists. Mysterious and taboo, these influences require research to be fully understood. Case in point is the phenomenon of Luk Thep. At face-value it comes across as adults infatuated with dolls, but deeper down it traces back to the dark history of child ghosts and occult ceremonies. Let’s dig into these subjects, shall we? Along the way we’ll discover the reason for the popularity of red Fanta in the vicinity of shrines.

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Conspiracy Theory: Aleister Crowley

When researching conspiracy theories, you are bound to run into Aleister Crowley. Satanism, sexual depravity, the occult, … his life’s got them all in spades. He pops up in many stories we will post in the future: NASA, scientology, illuminati, Bilderberg/Council on Foreign relations, Order of the Golden Dawn, etc. Here is a first introduction to his life and work, with some documentaries (‘read more’). Kick back, grab a glass of wine and some crisps and enjoy 🙂

Documentary – Aleister Crowley – The Other Loch Ness Monster

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