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Live set: Nakadia @ Green Love (Novi Sad, 03/12/2016)

Nakadia kicked bottom in 2016: she signed with Cocoon and was named one of the six people that changed dance music in 2016. Impressive, kudos! She caught my attention years because of a shared (adopted) hometown in Isaan and kept lingering on with her great sets, that I’ve been featuring for a long time. A 2011 documentary about her impressive track record is available here. Full set recorded at Green Love in Serbia if you continue reading.

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DJ sets: double melodic whammy

With September mere hours away, I’ve got a little pick-you-up to get you guys through that dreadful date that is 01/09. Here are melodic mixes by two of my favorite deejays: Nakadia’s September mix and Tripnastic’s Trip047. They will brighten up your day, that’s a promise.



DJ set: another Nakadia gem

Those of you into the electronic music and techno scene: there is no denying that Thai DJ Nakadia is hitting it big. Jet setting ’round the world 24/7, headlining a second upcoming Thai tour along with Sven Väth, … can’t help but root for this Isaan country girl with the friendly demeanour, she deserves every bit of success. Below is her set at Family Piknik (Germany) and a nice extra is her contribution to Belgian Techno hero Marco Bailey‘s podcast Electronic Force. Do notice how her skills have evolved in the two years between both recording. I personally do wish her all the best. Oh, and Naka: I am going to hold you to that interview, the first time we are in Nakhon Ratchasima at the same time.

Nakadia | Family Piknik DJ Set | DanceTrippin



DJ set: Nakadia’s July mix

This week’s Sunday Techno mix is Nakadia‘s July set, as broadcasted by Ibiza Global Radio. From a country girl in my Thai hometown of Nakhon Ratchasima to a rising star jetsetting around the world, she has my deepest respect. I am going to keep her to her promise of an interview, the first time we are in the Land of Smiles at the same time. Enjoy!



Mix: Nakadia just blew me away … twice

Yesterday, I came across this video, recorded at an event called Voodoo Village. It is a low quality clip from a set by a female deejay called Nakadia. Her sound and choice of records immediately grabbed me and gave me an incentive to find a complete set (below). Spot on, blew me away. It made me wonder what her background and residencies are … now get this: she is from Isaan. Isaan is a rural region in the Northeast of Thailand, where I spend a lot of time, lost my heart and consider to be my second home. The thing about Isaan is: the region is rather remote, the main activity is agriculture and Nakadia grew up as a farmer’s daughter. Imagine the talent, passion and tenacity she would need to have exhibited to learn how to mix and build an international career as a deejay. Khun Nakadia … you have my respect.