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Playlist: Mash-ups

Mash-ups are made by combining two separate songs, thereby creating a completely new track. They typically combine the vocals of one song with the instrumental version of another, but other approaches exist and more than two songs can be involved. Views on the history of mash-up vary. Personally, I consider the megamixes of the 70s and 80s (Stars on 45, Mirage, Patrick Cowley, etc) as a precursor, with the practice being implicitly present in mixing culture for decades and brought to the surface by 2manyDJs around the turn of the century. The phenomenon has resulted in very popular tracks, some hugely popular as bootleg records, some re-released (or re-recorded) officially, a dedicated MTV show and mainstream artists even collaborating and doing live bootlegs. This playlist contains my favorite ones, including one by yours truly. Pretty sure that you’ll be surprised to find out that some are in fact mash-ups, as they are more popular than the originals. Full track listing if you continue reading.

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DJ Set: Felix Da Housecat @ Mirano (Brussels, Belgium)

For the enthusiasts, a down-and-dirty Felix Da Housecat set, like I’ve only heard him play on Belgian soil. Whenever the man headlines a local nightly venue he seems to reach into his dark disco and new wave inspired soul and truly goes for it. In the early 2000’s I have personally seen him play even better sets, with a truly superb one in Ostend that would have fit perfectly in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Anyone who has a recording of that one, please give us a shout. Felix, we need you back, mate.

Felix Da Housecat | La Tour, Mirano (Belgium) DJ Set | DanceTrippin




DJ sets: double melodic whammy

With September mere hours away, I’ve got a little pick-you-up to get you guys through that dreadful date that is 01/09. Here are melodic mixes by two of my favorite deejays: Nakadia’s September mix and Tripnastic’s Trip047. They will brighten up your day, that’s a promise.



Kaytranada reminds us what mixin’ is all about

Up until recently Kaytranada only popped up in my vocabulary as the name of one of my favorite tunes in my record bin: the Kaytranada remix of If by Janet Jackson. I only realized Kaytranada is actually a highly talented Haitian-Canadian musician upon the release of his album 99.9% earlier this year, featuring Craig David and AlunaGeorge. As a deejay, his sets are a reminder that mixing does not have to be about 4/4 beats and the latest Beatport tracks, but about passion and fun. Lovely, mate … can’t wait to hear more. The Boiler Room set below is extra amusing because of the colorful characters in the background 🙂

Kaytranada Boiler Room Montreal DJ Set





DJ set: Kölsch @ Sónar Festival 2016 (Barcelona, Spain)

Kölsch is an artist whose mixes I have been enjoying for a while but, but have grossly underestimated. I considered him to be a rising name in the scene, but turns out he is quite the veteran who has been in the limelight quite a few times. Part of the reason for this misconception is that he has gone through a few names and styles, over the years. His biggest fait de guerre until present has been the major club anthem Calabria, under the Rune RK moniker. Below is a live performance from last month’s Sónar Festival in Barcelona. If the out-in-the-open audio recording bothers you: here a set from Elrow (Ibiza) and another from Awakenings. Happy sunday!

Kölsch (full concert) - Live @ Festival Sónar 2016


DJ Set: Martin Solveig @ EDC Las Vegas

Way back when yours truly was still reporter-to-the-electronic-stars, my favorite deejay to interview was Monsieur Solveig. Hands down the nicest artist in the industry, without any kind of drama or entourage. I used to call him the sleeper star … a totally inconspicuous fella who could make a large crowd go bonkers with the slide of mixer. Anyway, I always preferred his down-and-dirty sets in smaller rooms, which are harder to find these days. Mixmag captured such a rare live beast, and instantly took me way back. Hope you’ll enjoy, I know I did. Quite different from his (frankly proposterous) antics on a large stage, isn’t it?

MARTIN SOLVEIG (HOUSE SET) in The Lab #SmirnoffHouse at EDC Las Vegas



DJ set: Nakadia’s July mix

This week’s Sunday Techno mix is Nakadia‘s July set, as broadcasted by Ibiza Global Radio. From a country girl in my Thai hometown of Nakhon Ratchasima to a rising star jetsetting around the world, she has my deepest respect. I am going to keep her to her promise of an interview, the first time we are in the Land of Smiles at the same time. Enjoy!