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A mystical afternoon

This afternoon we visited Korat city center and went to pay respect to the statue of Ya Mo, the patroness of the region. According to local belief, the reason I have been able to stay here for 3 months, was by her grace. We burned some incense, offered her flowers and added some gold leaf to a small statue of hers, after wich we walked through Chumpon gate. Let’s hope it works another time. Afterwards a local fortune teller had a few things to say about my future. An interesting experience, let me tell you all about it.

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Fundraiser at Chumpuang

On Father’s day (the King’s birthday) my  family-in-law hosts a huge fundraiser for the Buddhist temple in Chumpuang. It turned out to be a pleasant family day with lots of free food and a large amount of people making merrit. It was just a little awkward to hear my arrival announced over the PA system.


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