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Playlist: Mash-ups

Mash-ups are made by combining two separate songs, thereby creating a completely new track. They typically combine the vocals of one song with the instrumental version of another, but other approaches exist and more than two songs can be involved. Views on the history of mash-up vary. Personally, I consider the megamixes of the 70s and 80s (Stars on 45, Mirage, Patrick Cowley, etc) as a precursor, with the practice being implicitly present in mixing culture for decades and brought to the surface by 2manyDJs around the turn of the century. The phenomenon has resulted in very popular tracks, some hugely popular as bootleg records, some re-released (or re-recorded) officially, a dedicated MTV show and mainstream artists even collaborating and doing live bootlegs. This playlist contains my favorite ones, including one by yours truly. Pretty sure that you’ll be surprised to find out that some are in fact mash-ups, as they are more popular than the originals. Full track listing if you continue reading.

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My half a second of missed fame

Digging through record crates and CD’s last night, I was reminded of a story few people know. More than a decade ago I was active in nightlife and fondled around a little with music. While playing around one day I created a mash-up of Technotronic’s Pump of the Jam with the vocals to Justin Timberlake’s Like I love you. It was far from a professional production, the sound level was low, but it sounded ace, at least to me. Some friends who spun records at the time, used it and that made me quite happy. Two years later, I was working at Rendez-Fou in Ghent and the mash-up was played. The dancefloor went crazy. It wasn’t my exact copy, someone had made it’s own version, but the principle was the same. Later, I found out that a similar mash-up was featured on MTV Mash. Had a copy of my track gotten out, had someone heard it and picked it up, was is just sheer coincidence? I would never have gotten a dime of the remix as I did not own any of the rights, but secretly … I’m still a little proud and consider it the Glitterati Remix. Gotta let me have that, at least 😉 Below is a copy, not sure what the source is.

Justin Timberlake vs Technotronic – Pump Up The Jam Like I Love You