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Foodtruck market in Vilvoorde

Today (06/04/2017) my hometown of Vilvoorde (Belgium) hosted the first edition of a monthly foodtruck market, behind city hall. From April to October, the event will take place on the first Thursday of each month (17.00 – 21.00). Even though I visited quite early in the evening (17.30) the square behind city hall was already buzzing. Very commendable initiative that will only improve while summer warms up. Let’s hope that it is moved to the town square to include the bars with open-air seating, once renovations are completed. Along with Hipster Vilvoorde, this is just another sign that the future is colorful for our city. More pictures are available here.




Paay thalaad

Set on stepping out of my farang bubble, I headed to the local market today (‘paay thalaad’). Some may argue that cooking is ridiculous, when food stalls and open air restaurants are almost literally everywhere and prices are low. While this is true and the market sells many take-away dishes, I really want to cook myself at least some of the time and get fresh produce.


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