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Loy Kratong dinner

The Ra Biang Mai Bar (‘Wood Terrace Bar’) is definitely the most beautiful and laid back bar and restaurant in Phimai. With live Thai accoustic music playing every night, it is the perfect venue to hang out at with your friends, or even for a romantic evening with your significant other. With Kratong lanterns rising to the sky all around the bar, it was a magical setting for our festival dinner. My favourite dish? Spicy wing bean salad.



Phimai Festival 2015: long boat racing

Next to the musical, the market, the carnival and the performances, Long Boat racing is the last part of the Phimai Festival I haven’t reported on. The activities surrounding this competition almost double the total square footage of the Festival and attract hundreds and hundres of enthusiastic spectators. More pictures and videos of the race are available if you continue reading. The large yellow building next to the river (shown in the pictures underneath) is the Amatara Resort. Clean, new and conveniently-located it is ideally suited if you want to stay during the festival.

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Phimai Festival 2015

From November 11 until November 15, the town of Phimai, in the Nakhon Ratchasima province of Thailand, hosts the famous Phimai Festival. With a daily performance of the traditional musical in the Phimai Historical Park (report will follow later) and a market, a carnival, food stalls and performances throughout the city center, the usually quiet town comes alive with thousands upon thousands of (primarily Thai) visitors. Really worth the visit, especially for the stunning musical. There is also word of a boat race, which I am still looking into.

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