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DJ Set: Solomun & Ame at Pacha, Ibiza

This week’s sunday mix kind of breaks the mold of Sunday Techno, with yours truly in a deeper mood. Solomun holds the Solomun + 1 residency where he invites other turntable heroes to spin back to back. This leads to interesting results, culminating in the set below with Âme‘s Kristian Beyer. Solomun’s Diynamic style with Âme’s restrained and layered melancholic sauce. Hear the crowd cheer the lads on around 31:02. You moved me.



Mix: Solomun @ Tulum

Tulum absolutely is one of the most breathtaking places I have ever visited. Imagine being at the top of your game and playing a set there. Mr. Solomun had that opportunity and grabbed it with both hands, as illustrated by this boiler room set. Small sidenote to the video dudes: if you have the chance to record a set on a spectacular location of that magnitude … you might consider to actually take advantage of it.

Solomun Boiler Room Tulum DJ Set