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Playlist: Silky smooth R&B – Volume 2

My favorite era for R&B and Hip-hop spans from the late nineties till halfway the next decade. R&B came out of the age of Slow Jam and evolved into a relaxed and layered sound that propelled it into the mainstream, gradually shedding its African-American bias. The spotlight was on producers like Timbaland, The Neptunes and Missy Elliott and directors like Hype Williams. Music videos were colorful, showcased plenty of swag and required either a convertible car or a helicopter. Seriously, do pay attention how many of the videos in the following playlist feature a Bell Huey chopper 🙂 Anyway, I know you enjoyed volume 1 so here is the next one in my series of R&B playlists. Enjoy. Full track listing if you continue reading. A more contemporary selection is available as well. For different genres have a peek here.

Playlist: R&B Playlist – Volume 02

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