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Healthy fast food

In the West, we primarily know the fried version of the spring roll. The fresh uncooked version is at least as popular in Asia, which is a wrapped version of a salad, really. We need readily available healthy fast food like this in Europe.



French fries in the Netherlands

Looks like the Dutch are finally giving the Belgians proper credit for french fries and attributing them to the Flemish, who live in Flanders. In reality, fries originated in Wallonia, in a region many consider as the Ardennes but is actually the Condroz and at the time of invention was part of the Spanish Netherlands. #itscomplicated



Loy Kratong dinner

The Ra Biang Mai Bar (‘Wood Terrace Bar’) is definitely the most beautiful and laid back bar and restaurant in Phimai. With live Thai accoustic music playing every night, it is the perfect venue to hang out at with your friends, or even for a romantic evening with your significant other. With Kratong lanterns rising to the sky all around the bar, it was a magical setting for our festival dinner. My favourite dish? Spicy wing bean salad.