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Fitness in Phimai

With Fitness (as in physical exercise in a gym) quickly growing in popularity in Thailand, Norwegian entrepreneur Wind and his wife Kai truly found an untapped customer base in Phimai (Nahon Ratchasima province, Thailand). The nearest major city (Korat) has plenty of gyms, but is at least a 40 minute drive away. Phimai residents were almost begging for someone to open a fitness center, which is exactly what the couple did with the aptly named Phimai Fitness. They’ve started out small, with a single shop house in the soi of Anantachinda Road right next to Phimai Medical Hospital. With a mixture of store-bought and self-made equipment they have attracted enough customers to have to expand into a second shop house. Kudos! The business is too young to warrant a review, which will follow at a later time. My personal feedback to the friendly couple is: keep the growth rate up (with active advertising), so you can organically grow into the establishment this community needs (and start selling protein powder). Don’t become someone else’s proof of concept. Prices, a map and more pictures below.

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