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Playlist: Deep Despair

The current grim and dark Belgian weather is reflected in my latest compilation: Deep Despair. Deep house to Electro Pop with a melancholic undercurrent. Swapping a tropical climate for winter and leaving my princess behind in the process might have been a contributing factor, but let’s not dwell on that. For your consideration and perfect for gym and workout purposes. Full track listing if you continue reading.

Playlist: Glitterati presents Deep Despair

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DJ sets: double melodic whammy

With September mere hours away, I’ve got a little pick-you-up to get you guys through that dreadful date that is 01/09. Here are melodic mixes by two of my favorite deejays: Nakadia’s September mix and Tripnastic’s Trip047. They will brighten up your day, that’s a promise.



DJ Set: Nico Morano @ Deep House Belgium (Fuse, Brussels)

Here at Glitterati Blog we love the international electronic scene as a whole, but local heroes will always be slightly favored. We’re predjudiced like that 🙂 Back when Glitterati was still a pioneering fashion-and-nightlife webzine, we used to run into Nico Morano quite a lot. L’ancien combattant that he is, he is still going strong and well-respected as a provider of the deeper tunes. Here he is behind the decks at Fuse, as captured by Crikey, what a well-crafted set. Shout-out to Deep House Belgium for keeping the spirit alive and massively kicking.