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Culture Club launch artwork

History of the Culture Club nightclub (Ghent, Belgium)

Back in 2005, was a popular nightlife-and-fashion webzine yours truly was extremely proud of. Times have changed, life has moved on, but the original Glitterati website still has a special place in my heart. Its most popular post was titled Culture Club: history of a nightlife phenomenon. Now and then people still ask me if they can get a copy. For old times’ sake, I’ve decided to translate and update the article. Please enjoy the complete story of the legendary Culture Club nightclub in Ghent.

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Mix: Maxim Lany @ Club Sondag

My personal word of the day is Serendipity, which can be translated to ‘pleasant surprise’ or ‘finding something out, without searching for it’. On the lookout for some tunes to listen to, I entered one of my old-time turntable heroes into the Soundcloud search box: Maxim Lany. One of the results was a very recent set of his at Club Sondag (below), a non-adult event at private club Acanthus that caught my eye with their visual aesthetic and interesting line-up. Lany and the club’s management apparently teamed up to relaunch my favorite nightclub of all time: Culture Club. That’s an interesting chain of chance discoveries 🙂 Enjoy his mix!