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Nomads: protect your digital gear

While working in South-East Asia, or any other part of the world for that matter, it’s always sensible to get an extension cable with multiple outlets, a ground connection (3-pin plug) and especially power surge protection. It covers you a. when only one socket is available b. in case of an unstable mains supply c. in case of static build up and consequent shock. Remember: fried notebook equals one-way ticket home. The one in the picture cost about EUR 7.5.



Finding a sustainable way-of-life in Thailand

For years I’ve been contemplating a way to spend a lot more time in Thailand. My fiancée is Thai and I do love her country a lot. However, I am not insanely well-off, am not planning to retire any time soon, do not wish to bail on my succesful carreer, nor do I want to forfit my situation in Belgium or do I resent my home country. Sounds like I want to have my cake and eat it too, doesn’t it? For a long time, that is exactly what I thought. But at a certain point I stopped researching other people’s solutions online and started paving my own way to the Land of Smiles. I’ll explain my approach in this post and take you along for the ride, with my feet firmly on Thai soil. You’ve guessed it, I have succeeded in my goal. 🙂 My objective is to inspire more people to chase their dream. This story will be most helpful for people in their late twenties to mid fourties, when retirement is still far away and a carreer path has been established.

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