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Conspiracy theory: Is Donald Trump running a false flag campaign?

Quite an interesting (and very current) conspiracy theory popped-up recently: one claiming that Donald Trump is running a false flag campaign to become the republican nominee / American president. Conspiracy theorists claim that his hidden objective is to support Hillary Clinton’s attempt at the Oval Office. Sounds ludicrous at first glance, but so does his rhetoric. Worth the read.



Conspiracy theory: Cicada 3301

For 3 consecutive years (2012, 2013, 2014, … not 2015, though) a mysterious organization called Cicada 3301 posted extremely hard and elaborate puzzles online, sometimes with real-world clues appearing all over the world. Their intent is to find highly intelligent individuals, but not much more is known. Is the intelligence community behind this? Headhunters? No-one knows. A fascinating digital mystery. More info if you continue reading.

Cicada 3301: The Internet's Most Secret Organization?

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Conspiracy theory: the Philadelphia experiment

Time has come to come clean: I am a conspiracy nut. Now hold on, not the kind that looks for hidden meaning, innuendo or a dark side behind just about anything. I just adore reading about conspiracy theories. Some are ludicrous (or simply insane), others intriguing … but almost all are amusing. I guess that the fact that they are partially fiction/truth makes them modern day fairy tales, as I imagine most fairy tales about ghosts and goblins came about in a similar manner. Whenever I come across a documentary about them (that is enjoyable to watch), I will post it. The first one is a classic: the Philadelphia experiment. Did Einstein create a time traveling and teleporting ship for the US Navy? Watch and decide 😉 Even Mulder and Scully investigated this story 🙂