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Prince’s hypnotic version of ‘Creep’

His Purple Highness was infamously obsessed with keeping his music and recordings unavailable online.  I say infamously but it was the mans prerogative really, in my opinion. He lived by the beat of his own drum and made it big, I really respect that. Anyway, one recording continuously kept escaping his grasp: his live rendition of Radiohead‘s Creep from 2008’s Coachella. He had it removed from YouTube, but in a Rolling Stone article Radiohead took offense, as it’s their song. Since than, the video has remained online, when other Prince clips disappeared as soon as they emerged.  Is the the reason? We can only guess. It is a special and almost hypnotic version, that I particularly like. If you continue reading, a 20 minute version of Purple Rain.

Prince - Creep (Live at Coachella, 2008) [Remastered]

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