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Christmas lights @ Central World

Central World in Bangkok upheld its yearly tradition of putting on a holiday light show in the plaza in front of the mall. This year’s theme is Winter White, the Garden of Happiness. Completed by a Christmas market, one almost feels the temperature drop below freezing while walking around the attractions. If you’re into the festive season, it is worth the visit. Some smartphone snapshots are available in this gallery. Sadly, once again I left the DSLR home. I guess we know what my New Year’s resolution is. Happy Holidays everyone! Hope you can spend them with your loved ones.





Adventure at the Post Office

When your grasp of the spoken language is limited (at best) and reading skills are none-existing, a visit to the local post office quickly becomes an adventure. On arrival several people were waiting near the entrance. Was the Phimai branch open? Was I supposed to do the same? No one seemed to object me going in, OK. A notice on the door clearly says that sunglasses are forbidden, so those go off. Quite a lot of people were waiting, and a notice board showed numbers, so I pressed the only button I could find. OK, got my number. After a while a clerk waves me over … So what about my number? Anway, I show him my envelopes and say ‘paay Europe, khrab’. He gets all excited: ‘christmat, christmat!’. ‘Khrapom’, I confirm. He frantically hits his calculator and hands me a few pages of stamps. After some cutting and a lot of licking, I leave with a numb tongue and craving a drink. But those Christmas cards, they are on their way.