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DJ Set: Nico Morano @ Deep House Belgium (Fuse, Brussels)

Here at Glitterati Blog we love the international electronic scene as a whole, but local heroes will always be slightly favored. We’re predjudiced like that 🙂 Back when Glitterati was still a pioneering fashion-and-nightlife webzine, we used to run into Nico Morano quite a lot. L’ancien combattant that he is, he is still going strong and well-respected as a provider of the deeper tunes. Here he is behind the decks at Fuse, as captured by Crikey, what a well-crafted set. Shout-out to Deep House Belgium for keeping the spirit alive and massively kicking.




Muslim prejudice: part of the problem identified?

M. Sallah Echallaoui, president of the Belgian Muslim Council (Moslimexecutieve) just identified the main problem with prejudice against the Muslim community, but not as he intended. His observation is that the gap between Muslims and Non-Muslims in Belgium has grown. Let’s be honest: he is absolutely right. By his this very observation he has indirectly admitted his own failure to achieve his mission statement, which is to make sure his community is accurately represented in our society. Where is his offer to help fight against terrorism? How is the Muslim Council fighting radicalization? Aren’t you supposed to be part of the solution in stead of another observer of the problem? A simple gesture, M. Echallaoui, is al that is needed: reach out your hand.



Dear Belgian politicians,

Belgium has had a very rough week. We’ve been attacked by extremists who have murdered innocent bystanders in order to infuse fear in people’s minds and harm our way of life. We all know Belgium is a complicated country to govern, both institutionally and politically. These dark days are not the time to let hidden agendas get the better of you. You have a responsibility to lead the country through these tribulations. Please do not take this duty lightly. This is not the time to turn our communities against each other. To do so, after an act of war, borders on treason. Currently, you are collectively playing into the cards of the terrorists. People will not stand for this, mark my words.



Brussels protests: misunderstandings and confusion

Yesterday, a lot of digital ink was spilled on social media, discussing what happened with the hooligans in Brussels. Today, a youtube video by Daniel Demoustier surfaced that might put what happened in perspective. The camera follows the Casuals walking the streets of Brussels heading to the Terror Attack wake. The Casuals are seen trying to get the message across that, even though they are adversaries in different circumstances and have mixed ethnicity in their ranks, they have united to pay their respects and take a stand against terrorism and IS. Where they failed was in their approach to the wake, yelling We are hooligans, which clearly intimidated (and even scared) the people that were already there, triggering defensive and aggressive responses. Things slightly escalated from there, with Casuals disrespecting the shrine and making neo-nazi salutes. After Police intervention, things rapidly settled down. In my opinion, the Casuals need to send out a press release, explaining their intentions and asking the Belgian audience for a peaceful second chance. #justmytwocents

Hooligans Riot in Brussels


When a story starts living a life of its own

When I took a stroll this morning, I didn’t just and up at my grandmother’s place for Easter, I also walked into the story of the Brussels protests. You see, my gran lives close to the train station in Vilvoorde. All roads into her neighborhood were blocked by a police patrol vehicle and a helicopter was surveying the area. By the time I left her building (about an hour or so later), all police vehicles were gone and I had learned that soccer supporters had met up at the station to head to Brussels city center to protest terrorism. When I got home about 15 minutes later, a Swedish video live feed showed a rather quiet memorial with some music and a slogan being yelled out, every now and than. The road of this story to a fork after that. De Wereld Morgen even kicked it up a notch.

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Word of the day: ‘grim’

While reading the news about the protests in Brussels today, one word clearly jumped out: ‘grimmig‘ (or ‘grim‘ in English). Nearly all Flemish articles spoke about a ‘grim athmophere’ (‘grimmige sfeer’) and even international media used the word ‘grim’ often. Don’t you think it is remarkable that all these talented journalists used the exact same expression? Were they reading each others articles? Were all articles based on the same source document (a Belga press release?)? #justasking