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Yanga sports water … no comment

As posted yesterday, I reluctantly joined Basic-Fit. Today, I decided to have a look into the Yanga Sports Water that Basic-Fit offers for an addition of EUR 4.99 to the monthly subscription. Having a taste prior to subscribing does not seem to be an option, so I decided to have a look at the dispenser. The back was particularly interesting. I’m just going to post the picture and not offer any further comment. By the way, the tap water in the shower does not imply an additional cost.


Reluctant Basic-Fit membership

After having trained at an independently-owned gym with a friendly atmosphere for the last decade, I reluctantly became a Basic-Fit member today. Not a big fan of corporate gyms, it was the most sensible choice. Three locations relatively close by, a fourth on the way and dirt-cheap prices … there wasn’t a real alternative. Basic-fit offers three subscriptions: Easy, Smart and Flex. The latter two use direct debit, where you allow them to take the fee directly out of your bank account. Not an option in my opinion. Past experience with direct debit has proven this to be troublesome to get rid of. The Easy subscription implies the payment of one year’s subscription in advance, does not imply direct debit and comes down to €18,16/month when the joining fee and current promotion are factored in. Hardly breaking the bank. It’s too soon to review the facilities, right now … patience. Just one observation: the color scheme isn’t exactly easy on the eyes. 😉


Epic gym

With only about 2/3 of the total surface covered in this picture, I hereby nominate Body Magic in Vilvoorde (Belgium) as an epic gym. This is a dare … Who does better? Post your pictures with hashtag #epicgym 😉