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Mobile wallets: skewed market research

Kind of a tech geek, my attention was drawn to this article in Business Insider today. Yes, I know, your wallet has been mobile all along. Mine too, but I was kind of hoping it was about hardware wallets. Turns out that mobile wallets are apps that store payment card information in your smartphone, allowing you to make in-store payments. Mastercard, heavily invested into the phenomenon with its Masterpass, did some market research about mobile wallets and came up with a conclusion that seems rather biassed. Mobile Wallets were mentioned In 75% (!) of 3.5 million social media conversations about new payment methods. Yet these apps are used in just 1% of retail sales. Their conclusion: mainstream breakthrough is hindered by too many available mobile wallet apps, lack of support for store loyalty cards and consumers waiting for wearable wallets. My two cents: with 75% awareness and 1% penetration, could it be that the public just isn’t interested? 🙂 My wallet contains all cards I need, is finished in premium leather and I do wear it … in my back pocket.


Is Bitcoin about to become a viable investment option?

Browsing through my portfolio of equity funds yesterday, looking for opportunities some modest monthly purchases, I quickly realized that we are going through a bullish spell and this might not be the right time to buy. Casting a wider net did not return any products that buck the trend: Finance, Oil, Semi-conductors, Aerospace, Defense, Gold Mines, … are all on an mid-term high. Or did one asset break expectations in a not so obvious way? Let’s take a look at Bitcoin.

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