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Reanalysis: Low rate of acitivity of non-EU citizens in Belgium

The article below is highly interesting, but has been extremely carefully worded 🙂 The down-to-earth synopsis is: non-EU citizens contribute to Belgian society to a lesser extent than their counterparts in other EU countries. The same phenomenon can be observed with EU citizens with a lower degree of eduction. The suggested cause is to be found in elevated unemployments benefits. My remark does not reflect any of my polical views, I just love how the true message was sugarcoated and swept under the rug with rates of activity and labor market immobility. That indirect mode of communication, with built-in conditionalities, is highly Belgian in itself 🙂 Like my colleague always says, when asked if they would like a cup of coffee, Belgians will answer “Yes, maybe, if it is not too much trouble and you were making coffee anyway”. The Dutch response will likely be “Any chance of a Cappucino?”.