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BBC: straight white men are out

The BBC has set targets for its 2020 workforce. According to this article, these are as follows:

  • 50% women
  • 15% black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds
  • 8% disabled people
  • 8% lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons

I’m completely in favor of equal opportunities. But that doesn’t leave much room for straight Caucasian men without a disability, now does it? 🙂



BBC turns into Big Brother Company

In the UK, the BBC is planning on using Wifi detector vans to snoop on familiy Wifis, analyze their internet traffic and determine if they are watching online BBC content without paying a television subscription. Basically, we are coming into an age were techniques formerly used on enemies of the state, are used to monitor private internet behavior. If this isn’t a violation of privacy, I don’t know what is. Like I’ve said before: protecting yourself with a VPN will become a necessity. Edward Snowden was spot on: we are building a turn-key tyranny.



Black Box Revelation on Top Gear

Keen viewers of the all-new Top Gear on BBC will have noticed that Seasick Steve was wearing a Black Box Revelation T-shirt on the African SUV adventure. First an invitation for the Belgian band to join him on tour, now a shout out global television. Nice. Love Licks remains one of my all time favorites. Less ecstatic news for Top Gear itself, ‘though. The show seems to have lost a third of its viewers, judging by the viewing numbers of this same episode. Guess everyone is waiting in anticipation for Clarkson, Hammond and May’s new antics on The Grand Tour for Amazon Prime. Will it entice people to subscribe? Remains to be seen.