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The best currency exchange rates in Bangkok

Holidaymakers set on visiting Thailand regularly ask me where they can get the best exchange rates, converting their Euro’s into Thai Baht. In my experience (so far) the best deals are had by bringing cash over and converting them the old-school way at an exchange office. Let me explain where the best exchange rates are offered. Update (23/05/2017): Added an extra exchange agency.

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Taking care of business in Bangkok

On Friday, I hopped on the red-eye to Bangkok, as some of you have noticed on social media. A little while ago, I started writing about the process of getting married to my Thai fiancĂ©e in Belgium. After battling through the red tape at my local city hall and the Belgian Ministry of Foreign affairs, the very last part of the administrative journey takes place at the Belgian embassy in Bangkok. As we want to manage the process ourselves and in person, I decided to fly over. As a bonus, I’ll have more adventures and discoveries to tell you about. Updates coming soon. Sawasdee khrab.

Sunset at Ploenchit Skytrain station

Christmas lights @ Central World

Central World in Bangkok upheld its yearly tradition of putting on a holiday light show in the plaza in front of the mall. This year’s theme is Winter White, the Garden of Happiness. Completed by a Christmas market, one almost feels the temperature drop below freezing while walking around the attractions. If you’re into the festive season, it is worth the visit. Some smartphone snapshots are available in this gallery. Sadly, once again I left the DSLR home. I guess we know what my New Year’s resolution is. Happy Holidays everyone! Hope you can spend them with your loved ones.





Empty billboards in Thailand

Last year, I started noticing the increasing amount of empty roadside billboards in Thailand. One year later, this phenomenon has only gained ground. The trend seems to be a general one: in Bangkok, around Suvarabhumi airport, in Pattaya, alongside Mittraphap Road (Route 2) into Isaan … more and more real-world ad space remains unused. Are marketing budgets directed elsewhere? Indicative of a recession? I’m genuinely curious.



Siam in-between: How (not) to dress and shop in Thailand

Amongst how to articles about Thailand, straight-forward and practical guidelines for everyday men’s wear (and shopping) seem under-represented. Nevertheless, walking around reveals that there is a very clear and present need for guidelines. While I might be naturally inclined to hit a sarcastic note, the pointers remain valid. The perfect compromise lies between respect for local culture and being yourself, somewhere in-between.

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