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DJ set: Kölsch @ Sónar Festival 2016 (Barcelona, Spain)

Kölsch is an artist whose mixes I have been enjoying for a while but, but have grossly underestimated. I considered him to be a rising name in the scene, but turns out he is quite the veteran who has been in the limelight quite a few times. Part of the reason for this misconception is that he has gone through a few names and styles, over the years. His biggest fait de guerre until present has been the major club anthem Calabria, under the Rune RK moniker. Below is a live performance from last month’s Sónar Festival in Barcelona. If the out-in-the-open audio recording bothers you: here a set from Elrow (Ibiza) and another from Awakenings. Happy sunday!

Kölsch (full concert) - Live @ Festival Sónar 2016