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Brussels protests: misunderstandings and confusion

Yesterday, a lot of digital ink was spilled on social media, discussing what happened with the hooligans in Brussels. Today, a youtube video by Daniel Demoustier surfaced that might put what happened in perspective. The camera follows the Casuals walking the streets of Brussels heading to the Terror Attack wake. The Casuals are seen trying to get the message across that, even though they are adversaries in different circumstances and have mixed ethnicity in their ranks, they have united to pay their respects and take a stand against terrorism and IS. Where they failed was in their approach to the wake, yelling We are hooligans, which clearly intimidated (and even scared) the people that were already there, triggering defensive and aggressive responses. Things slightly escalated from there, with Casuals disrespecting the shrine and making neo-nazi salutes. After Police intervention, things rapidly settled down. In my opinion, the Casuals need to send out a press release, explaining their intentions and asking the Belgian audience for a peaceful second chance. #justmytwocents

Hooligans Riot in Brussels