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Review: Thai restaurant Ploy Pochana (Antwerp, Belgium)

Finding Thai food in Belgium isn’t very hard. Most cities typically have one or more Thai eateries with larger cities having have a few dozen, if you count every restaurant with a link to the Land of Smiles. Finding authentic Thai food is another issue altogether, with most chefs focusing on Farang (or Foreigner) Thai Food. Just like the Chinese have done several decades ago, the Thai have adapted their recipes abroad to better suit the Western palette: sweeter, more colorful and less spicy. When looking for authentic Thai dishes, one of the restaurants that stand out is Ploy Pochana.

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Review: Thai restaurant Yam Thai (Antwerp, Belgium)

When Thai Food Café Yam Thai opened in 2013, it immediately received a lot of media coverage due to its owners: Flemish actors Nathalie Meskens and Jeroen Van Dyck. Even though they repeatedly claimed that they are not earning any income from the food bar (*rolls eyes*) reservations need to be booked three months in advance and a second location has been opened. With a Thai partner and a partial residency in the land of smiles, yours truly is always interested in all things Thai in Belgium.

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Pochana Tawan

Phom kin Namtok Moo khrab. Aroy maak … sanook nid noi: kid tung Nong Chompooh maak khrab. Restaurant Tawan in Antwerp … highly recommended!


Standard uitermate knap, maar te weinig kippevel

Toen ik gisteren (13/03/2015) aanwezig was in het Sportpaleis voor liep ik me de ganse avond af te vragen wat ik nu eigenlijk miste. Verzorgde organisatie, knappe en gepaste line-up, prachtige technische uitwerking, mooie aankleding, kwalitatieve geluidsinstallatie, het juiste publiek, een correct geprijsd ticket, … helemaal niets op aan te merken. Wat ontbrak er dan?


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