T26: Contagious fun in Thailand

In Thailand, everything that is fun and colorful quickly gets highly contagious. A little while ago, I’ve told you about the highly popular Caravan Boy song/video and the Capture, Capture story.. Over the last months, the craze with teenagers has been T26. The origin is the video to a song (below) used on the soundtrack to the Thai movie Miss Happy. The dancing style has gone truly viral, from children to doctors and government officials, everyone is joining in. Some examples and illustrations are available if you continue reading. Sanook maak khrab!

เพลง T26 โบกโบ๊กโบก (Ost.ป้าแฮปปี้ She ท่าเยอะ)

DJ40degree.Remix - T26 โบกโบ๊กโบก (Ost.ป้าแฮปปี้ She ท่าเยอะ)(แดนซ์)[3CHA-146]HD


Cover เพลง T26 โบกโบ๊กโบก (Congratulation Ver.)

Rama Channel | T26 รณรงค์ให้ออกกำลังกายง่ายๆ | พ.ย. 58


ครูนกเล็ก | T26 โบก โบ๊ก โบก เวอร์ชั่นเพลงเด็ก



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