Soundtrack to my Thai residency

Thanks to a cute little lady called Chanya (3 years old) this song was the soundtrack to my extended stay in the Land of Smiles. The artist is Jazz and the song is titled Waen fo lo fiauw. The official English title is Caravan Boy, but the literal translation is something to the extent of The handsome fast driver. Clearly an ode to myself, well … not the caravan part 🙂

[Official MV] แว้นฟ้อหล่อเฟี้ยว (feat.Djต้นหอม, โก๊ะตี๋, วง 3.50) - แจ๊ส สปุ๊กนิค ปาปิยอง กุ๊กกุ๊ก



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