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Siam in-between: Different culture, different priorities, different sense of urgency

While we were straightening out an issue with our internet connection tonight, suddenly we heard banging on the bedroom window. Upon opening the front door my girlfriend’s aunt and uncle appeared out of the darkness, on their small white scooter. Their mode of transportation immediately struck me as odd, seen as they have a fairly-new double-cab Toyota Hilux pick-up truck.

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Siam in-between: How (not) to dress and shop in Thailand

Amongst how to articles about Thailand, straight-forward and practical guidelines for everyday men’s wear (and shopping) seem under-represented. Nevertheless, walking around reveals that there is a very clear and present need for guidelines. While I might be naturally inclined to hit a sarcastic note, the pointers remain valid. The perfect compromise lies between respect for local culture and being yourself, somewhere in-between.

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Siam in-between: Renting a house in Thailand without breaking the bank

After a few days in Bangkok, a birthday party in Korat and quite some cleaning we have just settled into our home for the coming months. The internet is littered with budgetary advice for long-time residents in Thailand, quoting all kinds of extreme numbers, from high to low. In this installment of Siam In-between I will start showing you how to live comfortably in the Land of Smiles, without breaking the bank. Not in Bangkok or any other touristic location, nor in the middle of a remote rice field, somewhere in-between.

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Siam in-between: food courts and local restaurant chains

On arrival in Thailand, I have to admit I always indulge in a few guilty pleasures. While I live by a fairly strict diet in Europe, one of these is food. In my observation, Farang (‘foreigners’) enjoy their Thai culinary experiences in such extreme ways that there is an opportunity to point out the happy middle ground, in-between. This post explains a first possible compromise when it comes to dining options: food courts and local chains.

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Siam in-between: Introduction

After months and months of anticipation, I finally find myself sitting at Gate B of Brussels Airport, waiting for the red-eye that will bring me hop-skip-layover-and-away to the Land of Smiles. For the remaining months of the year, I am skipping part of winter and residing in Thailand. Why and how? I will tell you the story and my adventures over the coming period. A story about Thailand that is rarely told. Not just one of beaches, tourist attractions or large cities, neither one of rural locations, poverty or primitive conditions … One about real life in the middle, about Siam In-between.