Shameful Lidl kicks it up a notch

Remember when I reported on being refused at a check-out register at Lidl Vilvoorde? I got quite some backlash from Lidl employees calling me all sorts of names on social media. Turns out that they took the concept of employees jumping the queue and turned it into a procedure. The lines were quite long this afternoon, but hey, that happens. Right when the gentleman in front of me was about to be serviced, a Lidl employee in uniform cut in line and was serviced in ahead of everyone. When I politely asked the friendly cashier if this was common practise, he confirmed. His colleague started yelling at me: how it was my business and how else she was to do her shopping in her 15 minute break? Not sure they even want customers here.

wp-1472222028618.jpegthe people she cut in front of

14 Responses to “ Shameful Lidl kicks it up a notch ”

  1. Niki Steylemans

    ik ga daar al lang niet meer winkelen…

  2. Els Van Roy

    Die in Zemst is wel ok 😉

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