Review: VIP Fitness (Korat)

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The latest gym to open in Korat is VIP Fitness. With almost palatial infrastructure, the first impression is that the audacious name is warranted. The business is clearly set up to impress. Let’s take a closer look.


The entrance area feels like a hotel lobby and the staff make you feel welcome. On the first visit, a complete guided tour and free three-day access are offered, as an introduction.


The gym area has a large number of cardio machines, all with individual television screens. A machine should be available when you decide to use one.


What muscle building machines and free weights are concerned, VIP Fitness falls short. This area is rather small, and does not have the machines I normally use (and find at most gyms). When this is your preferred area, you should definitely train elsewhere. Some of the machines use pounds, others kilograms, which isn’t a big issue, but is a detail that should not have been missed in a facility of this level. At a higher cost, personal trainers are included. Personally, I found these to be more intrusive than useful. For customers new to fitness, these could be valuable, however.


In the gym a small area is dedicated to Muay Thai. Two variaties of this type of training are available: real Thai boxing and one intended to burn fat.


VIP fitness also has rooms for spinning, Yoga and dancing. These classes were obviously all very popular and seemed to have qualified instructors.


A major selling point is the large pool. This area is extremely beautiful and well-kept. A resting area is available there, as are swimming lessons.


The dressing rooms are as spotless as they are beautiful.

After my training session, I was still contemplating taking the one-month membership for 2,550 baht and intended to make my decision after using the 3-day complimentary access. Upon leaving, the lady at reception told me that if I would leave the gym without signing up than-and-there, next time the rate would go up 950 baht. As I don’t respond to threat, I decided than-and-there not to return.

The rates are as follows:


VIP Fitness is a truly beautiful establishment. I would consider their offer interesting if I would be attending at least 3 times per week, using the pool regularly and joining in at least one class on every visit.

Body Builders (or people focused on building muscle) should not consider this gym.


The rating puts VIP Fitness above average because of the stunning infrastructure. Points are lost because of the inferior free-weight area and the aggressive sales approach.



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