Review: Tohkai Japanese restaurant (The Mall, Korat, Thailand)

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My girlfriend and I’ll gladly admit that we love Japanese food, especially sushi/sashimi. When we are in Thailand we head to a Fuji franchise about twice a month. No matter the location, quality is always top notch, service swift and freshness guaranteed by the rate of turnover: every single branch seems to be booming. Last week, we decided to check out the competition. Maybe we could find an even better restaurant?

photogrid_1477904188471.jpgThe Tohkai branch we visited, is situated in the new part of The Mall in Korat. In anticipation of the new Terminal 21 mall opening later this month, last year Korat’s first mall got a major make-over and significant extension.


We were drawn in by the look of the restaurant. While browsing the menu, we were offered a discount of up to 40%. Why not, right?


A soon as we started ordering, we realized that there was a reason for the discount. Tohkai is significantly more expensive than Fuji. I would say that, with discount calculated into the check we payed about 25 to 40% more than at Fuji. We spent about 1700 baht. For that amount we would have left Fuji stuffed. On this occasion I could have easily eaten elsewhere, still.

img_20161029_191948.jpgThe quality was top notch, even though the sashimi came at a noticeably different temperature than the sushi. Additionally, the sushi rolls were slightly too large, which made eating them awkward.


The service was chaotic. They forgot our drinks, which they realized a while after our plates were served. One was brought over stat. It took them another while to realize that we had ordered two. At the table next to us, a couple with two children requested that the kids’ drink be served in a more practical glass. The waitress proceeded to pour the drink over at the table, pouring half of it on the seat upholstery … not cleaning it up, after.


Overall, I would say that the restaurant has potential if they would address the issues, train the staff and lower the prices.

But next week, we are definitely heading back to trusty Fuji.



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