Review: Thongfaa Thai massage (Antwerp, Belgium)

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Whenever I am in Thailand, I regularly visit an authentic Thai massage parlor. Thai massages are quite intense and in some cases you are even thrown around and walked on. The contrast between intense and relaxing feelings really makes me feel exhilarated when I walk out. Every muscle feels loose and back where it should be. For years, I’ve been looking for that experience in Belgium, but have never indulged as I am always put off by a possible shady nature of local massage. When I was assured by a friend that Thongfaa Thai massage (website currently down) could be trusted, I decided to give the parlor a try.


Thongfaa is situated in Antwerp’s Breydelstraat, next to the popular Isaan Café and across from Parking Breidel (sic.). The building is small but has been well maintained both inside and out.

Upon entering, I was immediately escorted into a massage room, which felt rushed and immediately set an uncomfortable athmosphere. The older lady did not introduce herself, nor welcomed me. I was asked to choose between massage types and was offered no explanation. When I opted for the EUR 49 Thai massage, I was asked to pay now. The change from my EUR 50 bill was never offered.

The massage room was very small, bathed in blue light and had a massage table. As far as I can remember, the traditional Thai massages I’ve had have always taken place on a mat on the floor, with good reason. Another commonality was the requirement to change into a massage outfit, was was not offered here either. I had to strip down to my boxers.


After washing the bottom of my feet with cold water, the lady started applying massage oil to my legs … another practice I have never experienced before.

Throughout the session the massage lady clearly showed that she had had massage training and experience. The massage was a mix of mediocre rubbing and genuine massage skills. She did move muscles around, she did some of the authentic techniques and got on the table with me, but as a whole it was just not good enough.

At the end of the massage, the parlor usually offers a hot cup of tea and a seat in a comfortable chair. In stead, I was ushered out.

I would not recommend Thong Faa and will not be back.

Thong Faa Thai Massage

Breydelstraat 24

2018 Antwerpen

7 Responses to “ Review: Thongfaa Thai massage (Antwerp, Belgium) ”

  1. Johan Mathijs

    En zelfs genen happy ending. …

  2. Johan Mathijs

    Schandalig seg……da ge een slechte massage krijgt ok ma als ze dan nog ni afzuigen ook ni ??? gewoon na Thailand gaan maat ?

  3. Steven Di Glitterati

    Ik denk dat ge iets te fel het stereotiepe beeld dat de media steeds bovenhaalt, gelooft. Een echte thaise massage is iets heel doeltreffends en intensief om te doen, soms net op het randje van het pijnlijke. Thaise mensen schamen zich ook heel erg dat andere zaken er bijgehaald worden.

  4. Johan Mathijs

    In Thailand ok maar hier zen 99% van al die massagesalons verbloemde horenkoten ze……Heeft niks me thai massage te maken ?

  5. Steven Di Glitterati

    Dat klopt, maar deze niet … Anders was ik niet gegaan. De authentieke bestaan, maar zijn moeilijk te vinden. Ik ben er nog enkele op het spoor, ik post zodra geverifieerd en bezocht.

  6. Priscilla Becquet

    mmm, een echte Thaise massage, dat zie ik nog wel zitten 😉

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