Review: Thai restaurants Sinthai (Elewijt & Diegem, Belgium)

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Visiting restaurant Sinthai in Elewijt has been has been on my To Do list for quite a while. When a second location in Diegem opened a few months ago, I decided to visit that restaurant in their first weeks. Yesterday night, I finally had a bite at Sinthai Elewijt.sinthai

The Diegem location has the more beautiful outside look of both, with the exterior of the Elewijt building slightly in disrepair. Even though not a real breaking point, having to walk past a box with last night’s empty bottles did not help the initial impression in Elewijt.

Both locations are tastefully decorated and are immaculately clean. What aesthetics are concerned, my preference goes to Diegem. Its open, modern and bright interior with Thai accents, best suit my personal taste. The pictures in this article have all been taken in Elewijt, but the photos of the Diegem restaurant that can be viewed here represent the location accurately.


Sinthai Elewijt appears to have an all-Thai staff, who all speak Dutch flawlessly. Sinthai Diegem did not seem to have any Thai personnel, but has an equally welcoming team. Elewijt has the upper hand however, as the waitress in Diegem did not know any of the dishes and could only write down their numbers.


One of our starters was the Somtam Thai, the version of Papaya Salad without fermented fish and black crab. As it was tasty and prepared like it should, my usual opening question remained unanswered. Authentic Thai or Farang Thai (adapted to European taste)? It could still go both ways. The Thom Yam Khoong was equally excellent, but let us down in the scampi count: just two. That is not acceptable for a dish that has shrimp in its name (‘khoong’).


As main dishes we selected Panaeng Kai (red curry with chicken) and Laap Kai. I always use either Laap or Namtok, which are similar, to judge if the restaurant is authentic or farang. The Panaeng Kai was absolutely lovely: well presented and delicious.


The Laap Kai was completely off the mark at both locations: too much carrots in Diegem and significantly too sweet in Elewijt, which finally answers the question: Farang thai.


The balance still tips in favor of Sinthai, though. I would recommend Sinthai and will return, probably in Elewijt. Choose the lovely Somtam Thai as starting dish and stick to one of their curries and you should be in for a lovely night and meal. Prices are very reasonable.

Do make a reservation ahead of time, because both locations are busy. If the phone isn’t answered in Elewijt (happened twice) and Facebook messages remain read but unanswered, please call the restaurant in Diegem: they are able to take reservations for Elewijt as well.


Sinthai Elewijt

Tervuursesteenweg 602

1982 Zemst


Sinthai Diegem

Oude Haachtsesteenweg 80

1831 Diegem

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