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When Thai Food Café Yam Thai opened in 2013, it immediately received a lot of media coverage due to its owners: Flemish actors Nathalie Meskens and Jeroen Van Dyck. Even though they repeatedly claimed that they are not earning any income from the food bar (*rolls eyes*) reservations need to be booked three months in advance and a second location has been opened. With a Thai partner and a partial residency in the land of smiles, yours truly is always interested in all things Thai in Belgium.

img_20160416_194218.jpgUpon arrival, we found our table waiting for us, as expected, and were welcomed by a polite but slightly rushed hostess. Not one Thai person was in sight, which struck me as odd.

The food bar has an elaborate drinks menu, which is slightly on the expensive side, but presentation is swift and with care. The food selection is limited (picture above), which I actually prefer, as it assures fresh produce. Food prices are correct, even slightly lower as you might expect at such a premium location, overlooking the Royal Museum of Fine Arts.

Yam Thai is not a comfortable establishment to spend a night with friends, though. The restaurant is small, cramped and has waitresses squirming through all the time.

With owner Meskens emphasizing the authentic experience, the food is a let down and is not even remotely like it is served in Bangkok. The Kung Pad Pong Kari was spot on, but the Pad Krapow Moo did not have enough porc, Laap Kai (one of my favorites) was way too sour and Tom Ka Kai was delicious but not served in the Thai way.

Can a delicious meal be had there? Sure, but if authenticity is what you are after, Ploy Pochana and Tawan are better choices.

We did have a lovely night in very good company there, truth be told 🙂




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  1. Angélique Angel Ellis

    Wij zijn er geweest en hebben wel thaise gezien en in nimman hun andere ook zowel bediening als in de keuken waren het thai People

  2. Lou De Buyser

    Roll eyes inderdaad.
    Deze al eens gecheckt (zowel qua food authentociteit en tuin) ?

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